To splurge or save? Top 5 makeup brushes under $20

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5 brushes under $20

You can have the best and most expensive makeup. But, if you don’t have the tools to apply it correctly, that fancy makeup is a waste. Good makeup brushes are essential. Although you can apply foundation with your hands- it can get messy. And if you try to do a smoky eye with your fingers, you’re going to turn yourself into a raccoon.

MAC makeup brushes hover around $35 a piece- so purchasing a full set would cost a pretty penny. Luckily, you don’t have to empty your piggy bank to get a good set of makeup brushes. And, there are so many makeup brushes available it can be overwhelming to pick the best ones. I’ve done the research and here are the best 5 brushes under $20.

1. Sonia Kashuk Powder Makeup Brush- $12

I recently had the pleasure of perusing the makeup aisles at Target without a 5 yr. old and no real purpose. (Yes, it was magical.) And, I was FLOORED by the new beauty tools from Sonia Kashuk. She released beauty sponges that rival the beloved Beautyblender and dazzling makeup brushes. I was in dire need of a new big powder brush. The one I had was over 5 years old- and was also a Sonia Kashuk. I purchased the Gold Sonia Kashuk Powder Makeup Brush for $12 and it is phenomenal! It is well made, soft and applies my setting powder perfectly.

2. Morphe M439 Delux Buffer- $14

I am a beauty sponge addict. But, some foundations apply better with a synthetic kabuki brush and this one takes the cake. I had a comparable brush from a more expensive brand and it the bristles started to shed after just a year. Truth be told, Morphe is the best option for all affordable makeup and brushes online.

3. Morphe E4 Angled Contour- $14

Though the name and online description of this brush suggests to use it to contour- I use it to apply blush. The shape makes applying the right amount of blush to the exact right place on the cheeks easy. Tap it into your favorite blush, tap off the excess, and place it on the apples of your cheeks.

4. e.l.f. Cosmetics Small Tapered Brush- $3

Elf cosmetics rules the game for affordable cosmetic options. This brush is perfect for applying highlighter to the face. Applying highlighter can be tricky. When the brush is too dense you apply too much and have shiny lines on your face. Too fluffy, and the highlight will be all over your face. Elf’s Small Tapered brush is a perfect shape and size to apply just the right amount for that “glow from within” look.

5. Skone Blending Brush- $15

A fluffy eyeshadow blending brush is essential. You can do an entire eye look with one brush- if it’s the right one. I discovered Skone cosmetics when I got this blending brush in my Ipsy subscription. I have the MAC version of this brush and can barely tell the difference between the two.




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